Autologous Fat Transfer


Boost Your Cup Size Without Implants

Breast augmentation is a serious surgery that should be researched thoroughly before committing to it. Depending on the specific augmentation and to what extent you’re interested in enhancing your breasts, there are a few things to consider such as risks, time for recovery, results and the skill of your chosen plastic surgeon. Traditionally, silicone or saline implants have been offered as the only option to increase breast size, but now we are able to offer Fat Injections to the breast as a more natural option of augmentation.

Instead of Implants, Think Fat Transfer to the Breast.

Fat transfer to the breast is used to enhance the breasts after liposuction has been performed so the fat harvested from this procedure can be used. The fat is harvested from many different areas of the body during liposuction procedures to help with the sculpting of the body. The main areas used for body sculpting are usually the abdomen, flanks and thighs.

Fat injections to Boost Breast Volume

The fat extracted from liposuction in these areas is filtered, processed and put into syringes that can be injected into the breasts. Many clients worry that breast augmentation with implants may be a bit too much for them concerning surgery and how they may react to the implant, depending on the placement and type. Natural fat injections will help to reduce the safety concerns of patients because the fat injected into the breasts is from their own body.

Shape, Size and Volume Boost

This procedure is safe and is much gentler on the body. Mr Morris Ritz is one of the few surgeons allowed to offer fat injections into the breast as an alternative to women that are not ready for surgery of that caliber or just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of implants in their body.

When we think of augmentation of the breasts, we reflect on the shape, size and volume. These fat injections are easy to massage into the correct shape that is desired most by clients and requires a skilled hand to do so. For example, if the client wants more volume on the top side of the breasts, cleavage, we can add fat cells here in small quantities. Fat transfer to the breast can increase the breast size from about a half of a cup size to a full cup size without the need for implants. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

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Autologous Fat Transfer