Breast Implants and High-Quality Results

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When it comes to your breast procedure (otherwise known as ‘boob job’) there are many things to consider if you want high-quality results. Surgical cosmetic procedures are not something to take lightly or something to be rushed. If you want a certain standard of result, you must seek a certain level of surgeon. Here is our go-to list when conducting your decision-making process, no matter the breast procedure.

1) Research your surgeon

With a broad spectrum of surgeons in Australia and overseas, it is easy to get overwhelmed when beginning your research to see which one is best for you. Tips or warnings from friends may be beneficial, though there is only so much internet research you can do. The best things to look for when deciding on your surgeon is knowledge, experience and expertise. Check that they are registered professionals, hold the correct accreditation and have had extensive experience in the industry. You want to choose a Plastic Surgeon who knows exactly what they are doing and are in fact, specialists in the field.

2) Take a look at their past work

Another part of your research process is checking your surgeon’s previous work. Look on their website, or ask to see before and after photos that document their skill level and abilities. If the results look unnatural and abnormal, then you know to walk away. However, if the ‘after’ photos are natural-looking and they have positive reviews from their past clients, then that is yet another step in the right direction.

3) Decide and book your consultation

Once you have narrowed down your search, schedule your consultation with your desired surgeon. During this initial consultation, you are free to ask all the questions you need to get a better understanding of how everything will play out, both during and after the procedure. You will want a surgeon that has thorough knowledge, expert advice and a keen ear for understanding exactly what you want. If they are forcing their opinion on you or won’t listen to what you want, do not take the process any further. This is your body, and this is your procedure, take your time and find a surgeon that will deliver the results you are after (as long as they are realistic of course).

4) Make the right choices for you

Once you are happy with your surgeon, the decision-making process is far from over. Then, you need to decide on your type of implant, shape of implant and incision locations. During your consultation, your surgeon should outline all of these decisions for you and help to create a plan to achieve your goals. Depending on the result required, you may need to opt for a particular shaped implant and a specific incision. It is vital that you verbalise exactly what you want, so your surgeon can help you achieve this.

5) Don’t rush your decision

Making a decision based on time or price is a recipe for disaster. Instead, look for a qualified, reliable and specialised Plastic Surgeon. As with all big life decisions, we encourage you to do your research, ask questions and weigh up the pro’s and con’s when deciding on your breast procedure.

If you would like an expert opinion, with one of Melbourne’s renowned breast surgeons, Mr Morris Ritz. Contact our Malvern clinic on (03) 9508 9503. With years of specialised practise under his belt, he is an ideal choice when wanting a reliable breast procedure in Australia.

Breast Implants and High-Quality Results