Twilight Sedation Can Be Dangerous During Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation procedures can have their list of risks, usually not common but still possible. The way these breast augmentations procedures are performed can change the game for many patients when it comes to risks and they’re not completely aware of their options concerning anaesthesia.

We understand that these procedures can be expensive, but there’s no reason to sacrifice safety for a small discount on the procedure as a whole; you’re much more important than that. Mr Morris Ritz educates his clients during their consultation for breast augmentation and always recommends local or general anaesthesia during the breast augmentation surgery. Some surgeons, however, offer the option of a risky sedation method called twilight sedation.

What is twilight sedation?

Twilight sedation is a type of anaesthesia administered to a client that keeps them floating in and out of consciousness during the whole of the procedure. Some surgeons believe that this is most cost efficient method and can help clients to speed up recovery. Twilight sedation is offered as a lower dose sedative that allows the patient to respond with movement or speech, but they have no memory of these responses or the surgery itself afterward.

Dangerous Nerve Injections with Twilight Sedation

During a breast augmentation procedure with twilight sedation, the physician or anaesthesiologist will administer the sedative and use nerve injections to numb the nerves in the treatment area in and around the breast to make sure the client feels no pain. The problem with this type of sedation and necessity for nerve injections is that they can be risky to inject. When these nerve injections are performed, they come dangerously close to the lungs and have been documented at one time or another to puncture the lungs and cause lung collapse. That should be reason enough to opt for general or local anaesthesia, right?

Could Inhibit Breathing During Breast Augmentation

Because the client is neither completely asleep or fully awake during a twilight sedation breast augmentation, there is a chance that normal breathing function could be inhibited. This type of in and out floating through consciousness can block the usual automatic breathing functions dictated by the medulla oblongata. This type of breathing complication during surgery could result in death and is a risk you should not be willing to take.

Increased Pain Sensations with Breast Implant Placement

During your breast augmentation procedure, there are a few options for the placement of implants should you request them. The placement of these implants can vary by placing the implant behind the muscle (submuscular) or in front of the muscle but beneath the mammary gland in the chest wall (subglandular). Because of the placement option beneath the muscle, there could be some significant pain felt by the patient during the incision making process and placement of the implant, should the patient be conscious. No patient wants to feel any pain during the procedure that can come as a shock to the nervous system and impede healing and recovery.

The twilight sedation technique isn’t the best method to offer patients during their breast augmentation surgery. This twilight surgery not only increases risks for patients significantly but increases chances for pain throughout and anxiety during the procedure. Before going into your breast augmentation consultation, it’s important that you understand the risks that accompany twilight sedation and say no to that option. Mr Morris Ritz uses local or general anaesthesia during his beautiful and comforting breast augmentation procedures to maximise client safety and results.

If you’re interested in a safe procedure and natural looking results with breast augmentation, schedule your consultation with Mr Morris Ritz today on 03 9508 9508.

Twilight Sedation Can Be Dangerous During Breast Augmentation