What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation and How Does it Differ from Other Breast Procedures?

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Wearing your little black dress, you look at your profile in the mirror and wish you had just a little more volume in your breasts. You hold them up at the level you thought they were a few years ago and try your best to fix your neckline to show them off in the best light but breast augmentation pops into your head. Many women go through these thoughts of looking for a breast lift or breast augmentation with implants. The idea of implants might not be your favourite option but what else is there to fix breast size and shape? Mr Morris Ritz would love to share some ideas on how to get that volume you want without opting for breast implants.

New Option to Enhance Breast Volume

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought out plastic surgery procedures all over the world and continues to gain popularity. When patients think of breast augmentation, many only look to augmentation with the use of implants as their only option. However, there is a new option that’s sweeping Europe, Australia and Japan—breast augmentation with fat transfer as an alternative to breast implants. So, what is fat transfer breast augmentation and how does it differ from other breast procedures?

Not Fond of Implants? Try Fat Transfer

Breast implants have improved in safety and durability over the last few decades. The options for breast implants move well beyond the traditional saline implant, since we now have better options for silicone and the new Gummy Bear implant. But this procedure does require some necessary incisions, decisions on the type of implant and size you’re looking to achieve, plus some weeks of recovery time. Depending on the amount of time you have for recovery and whether or not you’re comfortable with implants, fat transfer seems like an amazing alternative.

Mr Morris Ritz recommends breast augmentation with fat transfer for many of his patients that are uncomfortable with implants. This fat transfer procedure is great for women that want to remove excess fat from tough to slim areas of the body, since it requires liposuction so you’re slimming down your thighs, abdomen, back (love handles) and buttocks. Patients of Mr Morris Ritz love this fat extraction procedure since he can contour these areas at the same time so that they are not only slimmed but sculpted simultaneously.

There are a few things you should think about before looking to breast augmentation with fat transfer as an alternative for you:

Sag in the Breasts (Ptosis)

Should your breast skin be naturally lax, the fat transfer procedure may create more sag because of the added weight. You might consider a breast lift to decrease the amount of sagging here and ask for fat transfer at that time. This procedure will remove any excess skin as well to create a natural lift.

Natural Size of the Breast

If your breasts are already large, Mr Morris Ritz may suggest only a small amount of fat transfer to help maintain the integrity of the breast. If your breasts are quite small, you don’t want to add too much to the skin here and cause stretching.

Amount of Fat Available for Harvesting

For those patients that have extra fat in the areas we mentioned above, this procedure is beneficial to remove that excess fat and transfer it to create more volume in the breasts. Should they be relatively thin, without extra body fat, the procedure will be difficult to achieve.

During this procedure, there are no major incisions made since liposuction only requires a puncture for the cannula to remove fat and fat is injected into the breasts with a syringe. The limited amount of scarring that fat transfer augmentation provides is appealing to many patients as breast implants require a significant amount of scarring in breast incisions.

What’s so wonderful about using your own fat?

Recovery and Results: Your own fat doesn’t turn against you by changing texture or causing infection. Fat transfer is very natural in look and feel to the breasts, but shaping may be a bit tricky depending on the surgeon doing the procedure and weight fluctuations you may have after the procedure. Making the decision to use your own fat means recovery is quick with fat transfer or grafting in the breasts, compared to breast augmentation with implants.

The size you see in the breasts after fat transfer is generally the size you will see in the breasts over time. If you’re looking for something permanent after you maintain your weight, this is the best option since implants often need to be replaced over time and can (although not common) rupture. Injections of fat into the breasts are permanent; it’s simply reshuffling of your own cells throughout different areas of the body and patients only require a couple of days to recover on average.

If you would like to learn more about fat transfer in breast augmentation, phone Mr Morris Ritz on 03 9508 9508 to book your consultation today.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation and How Does it Differ from Other Breast Procedures?